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Please Select Only ONE Topic Below :

With different types of cloud service delivery, what are the different licensing requirements that an owner must be aware of when moving to the cloud.
Discuss Shared technology vulnerabilities in the cloud,
How does a customer know what software versions cloud providers are using? Without that knowledge how can they do a proper risk assessment?
What policies should be in place for users to help reduce cloud based threats.
How can a consumer evaluate the physical security of their cloud provider? What standards should apply. What external and internal barriers should be in place? What access controls? What sort of surveillance should be provided, power redundancy, and fire suppression? Is a service contract sufficient? Should physical inspection be available? What about physical location? Are their volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters common? Is the site near political unrest? Access to water? Outside temperature? Is there a physical buffer? Should the walls be made of ballistic material to withstand explosions? Staffing
What is a hypervisor? Differentiate between type I and type II. What are the security vulnerabilities of each?
Which is better for security server virtualization or application isolation? Why?
What are desktop virtualization, storage virtualization, memory virtualization, network virtualization? What are the security issues and benefits for each
Global boundaries and the cloud – separating politics from security
The relationship of net neutrality and cloud security
Ensuring Proper Access Control in the Cloud?
Cloud security risks from misconfiguration
Cloud service interruptions from DDOS
Preventive controls for Internal (non-routable) security threats
Detective Controls for routable and non-routable addresses
How security zones, groups or domains have replaced traditional zones and tiers
On being a cloud broker -tasks and challenges
Trust boundaries and division of responsibilities
Vulnerability and Risk assessment
Incident response
What can we learn from CCID (Cloud Computing Incidents Database
Cloud Health monitoring (internal and 3rd party)
Reading a Cloud Security Provider agreement
Discussing the data life cycle in the context of cloud computing
Facebook’s new privacy initiative
Cloud Security and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

500 words or more explaining why this topic is important for your peers to understand. Be focused and specific. Look into the general topic to find something new and interesting to write about.

A 500-800 word, double spaced paper, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography Presentation materials (PPT, handouts, etc)
PPT Slides 15 – 20

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