1 which of the super trends are driving h p to change 2 which of the forces for change are causing h p to undertake major organizational change explain 3 to what extent is h p following the four steps for fostering innovation explain 4 what advic

Assignment Workload:
This Assignment comprise of a short Case.
Assignment is to be submitted by each student individually.

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes:
After completion of Assignment-2 students will able to understand the
LO 4. Apply knowledge and techniques of strategic planning and decision making. (Lo2.1)
LO 6. Apply knowledge and function effectively on teamwork activities, management skills to create a development plan (Lo3.4)

Please read case “Hewlett-Packard Is Counting on Organizational Change to Boost Revenue Growth” at the end of Chapter 10 “Organizational Change & Innovation” available in your textbook Management: A Practical Approach 7th edition by Kinicki, A., & Williams, B., and answer the following questions:
Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)
1.Which of the super trends are driving H-P to change?
2.Which of the forces for change are causing H-P to undertake major organizational change? Explain.
3.To what extent is H-P following the four steps for fostering innovation? Explain.
4.What advice would you give Whitman based on what you learned in this chapter? Be specific.
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