3 slides of powerpoint

Hello, I need help to explain how this kind of business will fit in China country, by using some of the sustainable development goals that focusing on “Customer Analysis” and “Management Team“
Customer Analysis: A clear description of who your sustainable business will serve, breaking customers into as many groups as necessary. (A rule of thumb is that separate groups are only necessary if they either have different needs from each other or will be marketed to using different methods.) This is the best section to describe your consumer(s)’ behavior related to sustainability/sustainable development. This might include discussions about attitudes, perceptions, experiences target markets might have had and how your business either will fit with those behaviors or change them.
Management Team: Includes short job descriptions of the management team who will run the business. If you need to recruit employees, this is the section that you describe how you will recruit them, who will do the interviewing, how employees will be retained, motivated and rewarded. Remember: You can’t run any business without employees. Your business is only as good as the team that runs it.
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