ahs 6630 week 1 assignment

Skills Builder #1 of 4: Locating Relevant Research:
Locating relevant research is a critical part of this course and a skill you will use throughout your graduate work.
Using the library research databases, or valuable internet research database locate two peer-reviewed, research articles; one that is an example of qualitative research and one that is an example of experimental research. The articles should focus on issues / research related to human services. The research should have been conducted in the U.S. and after the year 2002.
For this Skill Building Assignment:

Cite each article in APA format and provide a sufficient explanation to demonstrate that the research is qualitative or quantitative.
The explanation should include the purpose and methods that distinguish it as qualitative or quantitative research.
Write just one paragraph for each explanation.
Submit by Sunday 11:59PM EST Week 1

Resources for Assessment:

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