an essay about minning methods

Select one from the following questions. Complete your work using a word processor and submit viaemail in a PDF format. Any hand calculations should also be included if appropriate. Please use 11-pointfont, 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margins. Please try to keep all narrative less than 5 pages. Figures, tables andappendices do not count toward page count.
1. Write an expositional paper about one (1) the following topics:a. Long wall mining method and issues with subsidenceb. Rare Earth Elements (REE) mining in North Americac. Coal mining and use of coal is on the decline in the United States, but coal mining hassubstantially increased around the world. Comment on specific production trends,markets and how this impacts both the environment, climate and society.d. Mine safety and how it has evolved the respect to culture, equipment, and governmentregulation. Scope can be domestic or international.e. Use of cyanide in mining operations. Its history, method, use and potential environmentalimpacts.f. Provide an analysis of a specific case history for mined land reclamation project. Thecase history can be either of a successful or unsuccessful case.
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