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Madison’s Federalist #10 has become the most renowned of the Federalist Papers and a leading statement of American political theory. In 5-6 double-spaced pages, critically examine this essay. (And by critically I mean thoughtfully/analytically, not necessarily negatively). Be sure to review and assess Madison’s views on human nature, “factions” in a free society (and their remedy), and his argument about the republican form of government. From what you have read, how do Madison’s ideas about the “good republic” compare to those of his fellow Framers?
Note: Be sure to cite all sources – this will help demonstrate that you’ve done the required readings. You can consult reputable outside resources, but are not required to do so for this assignment.
Your research for this paper should be based on the required readings and other resources for the course; you do not need to consult outside sources. Be careful to cite those sources accurately and fully, however, and the paper should reflect a balance between the ideas of the authors of the assigned texts and your own responses to the material. I expect to find in the paper your critical reflections on the readings and not simply a rehash of them.
Each short analytical paper should be approximately 1500 words (5-6 double spaced pages) long. The purpose of these papers is to provide a means to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the assigned readings. An additional goal of the papers is to ask you to critically evaluate claims made regarding the intellectual history of the American founding. All papers must be properly cited, though the system of citation (e.g. APA, MLA, Harvard style, etc.) is up to you.
Analytical papers should be concise, direct, and supported by textual evidence.
Required Reading:

The Federalist Papers (Hamilton), 2003. ISBN: 9780451528810
Ideological Origins of the American Revolution (Bailyn), 1992. ISBN: 9780674443020
What the Anti-Federalists were For (Storing). ISBN: 9780226775746
Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787 (Wood), 1998. ISBN: 9780807847237

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