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1. List at least 15 sources in alphabetical order. These should From a economic book or economics article.
3. Include a 300 word summary of each source, which should include direct quotes. The goal here is for you to find the author’s thesis sentence. Please note: Your annotated bibliography entries will be much longer than the examples offered below.
4. Be proofread for grammar errors. For style guidance, go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Your bibliography should look something like this (only with longer entries):
author publisher date and introduction
Kirsch, Arthur. Shakespeare and Experience of Love. Cambridge University Press, 1981.
Arthur Kirsch in his study of Shakespeare works mainly focuses on analyzing the concepts that made Shakespeare’s work legendary. He explores Shakespeare’s plays such as Othello and Measure of Measure where he believes that the concepts of conflict and love approached by Shakespeare can be related to religion and psychology. In his explanation of the concept of love, he studies the characters in Othello such as Desdemona and Iago in trying to explain love and conflicts that develop from betrayal. He thinks that the
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