ansc 207 animal science pet care project

The goal of this project is to take the information you’re learning in the course and apply it to understanding and caring for a specific animal. You will demonstrate your knowledge by building a slide presentation about your animal for your peers.
So how will this work?
1. You will select an animal (must be canine or feline) using Petfinder. Be sure to capture the animal’s picture and all available information. You will need this as the introductory slide to your project.
2. You will be provided with two sets of questions – one for the midterm submission and one for the final submission. You will answer these questions based on your animal’s characteristics, using course material.
3. You will build your answers into the format of a PowerPoint presentation. You will submit a PDF of the notes pages of your presentation, so that the TAs can see both your slide and your notes for each slide.
That’s the overall plan! Now here are a few more detailed requirements:
1. Each question should have at least one slide devoted to answering it.
2. The slide itself should convey your message visually, and then in the slide’s notes section, you will write anything you would say if you were presenting this project in person.
a. Slides are meant to be visual aids, so use charts, graphs, pictures, GIFs, etc. Slides are not meant to hold a lot of text. There is a 25-word limit on the slide itself.
b. In the notes section, please include at least 100 words for every question. It’s fine if you want to use several slides to answer a question; in that case just make sure you have at least 100 words total across the slides for that question.
3. References
a. You must cite the source for all images and information that you are using on your slides and in the notes pages.
b. Only course materials are allowed as content sources. We select the assigned course material within each lesson for a reason; it has been evaluated for accuracy and an ethical standard of animal welfare. There is A LOT of misinformation about pets and pet care on the internet, and that is why no outside sources are allowed for content. The exception to this is any peer-reviewed journal article from the scientific literature.
c. You may use any source you’d like for visual aids (multimedia), as long as you cite the source.
d. Please use both in-text citations in the notes pages, and full citations at the end of your project in a works cited/references page. Please separate your works cited pages into text references and multimedia references.
e. At least one source must be used and cited appropriately for each question.
5. Avoid plagiarism! Put content into your own words; do not copy and paste. All information that is not your original thought must be cited. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero (please see University of Illinois Student Code).
Petfinder is the largest online search tool which allows you to easily look through animals available in shelters throughout the U.S. They also have a lot of pet care information.
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