application of selected theory to practice dorothea e orem s theory

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the application of a nursing theory/model to practice. Review the clinical case and apply your chosen theory to the case. Your paper should not exceed 4-5 pages.
Criteria for Application of selected theory to practice

The case data are organized by & clearly reflect the concepts of the model (10 points)
Clearly explains & illustrated by example how the theory guides:
The focus of the assessment phase of the nursing process (10 points)
The choice of the variables to be assessed (10 points)
How the theory guides the assessment phase of the nursing process 10%
How the theory guides nursing interventions (20 points)
Identify the nursing interventions
Describe how the interventions will modify, prevent remove or decrease the etiology of the problem as defined by the theory

III. Evaluate the applicability of the nursing theory to practice (20 points)

Clarity, logic grammar, spelling, APA format (20 points)

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