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Autobiographical essay.  For this assignment, you will write an essay of 800-1000 words that describes an event or an individual and the significance of that event or individual.  The assignment is designed to help you understand audience analysis and develop strategies in reporting to specific audiences.  Such strategies are effective in technical writing.
To understand the context of this essay, you can watch the short video below.

In this essay, you will want to follow the conventions you have followed in previous academic writing.  You will have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.  You will have body paragraphs that support the thesis statement.  You will include a concluding paragraph as well.
Some possible topics on the essay include the following:

A situation you encountered at work or in your community that involved a failure
A situation you encountered at work or in your community that involved an important victory
A person (a supervisor or co-worker) who has contributed to your growth as a professional
A person or event that represented a negative example of professionalism
Your first day or week on a particular job and what you learned from that first day or week
A situation in which you had to make an ethical choice at work or in your community

Strategies to Consider for this Assignment:
-If you read the following article by Mark Gellis in our ereserves section of the class,  you will have a good understanding of how to approach this assignment.  The article is “Autobiographical Writing in the Technical Writing Course.”
Length: 800-1000 words.

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