Basketball is overlooked as a healthy sport compared to football.

thesis—-Basketball is overlooked as a healthy sport compared to football.    -find people that think that basketball is not great or healthy or maybe people that like football better (need someone to argue with)    -use interview or articles.issue—- is basketball healthier than football find our sources from stony brook library account- 5-8 sources(quality peer reviewd sources)
intro opposing view point- respond to it 3 times (3 sections)supporting paragraphs using at least 2 sources to prove my point.conclusion———————————————————————————–This is all the things that my professor told me I needed to write this
1st attachment- comparison and contrast info out of our textbook2nd attachment- lecture audio explaining a student example of A+ argumentative essay.3rd attachment- example for the previous attachment4th attachment- lecture audio for another example of an argumentative essay5th attachment-  example for the previous attachment———————————————————————————–Two typed, double-spaced papers are required. Although any one paper may be as short as fourpages, the combined page count for all papers must be at least twelve pages. The typed paperswill be developed from the journal assignments and should be revised, polished writing.Researched Argument Paper: This paper will take a position on an issue and use primary andsecondary research. A successful paper will interact with multiple sources, analyze the argumentsfound in those sources, and build ones own ideas upon scholarly research. Topics for the paperwill be suggested in class.The two research papers must be properly documented and formatted according to MLA,Chicago, or APA style. The style chosen should be appropriate to the topic and followedconsistently. Your research may be primary (interviews, surveys) or secondary (books, articles).For your secondary research, print sources are preferred (books, periodicals, newspapers), butnon-print sources (lecture, film, television, radio, the Internet) are also acceptable———————————————————————————–For the sources you need to use the stony brook library data base to find sources for the paper. Here is the link to the database:
once you search up something you will need to login at the top right here is the username and password:Username: vadvaneypassword: Essayshark54321!————————————————————————————
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