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Jared presents in your office after being released from an inpatient alcohol treatment center. He reports a past history of depression and alcohol use. He states he wants to feel good and stay clean. He is distant from his family but he does have several friends. He owns a home with his partner, Kyle. Jared and Kyle have been partners for the past four years. Kyle is an active member of his church and he has a job that provides sufficient income.
It appears that Jared’s best chance at remaining sober is to receive comprehensive services.
For this discussion, please address the following:

Identify the mental health services such as inpatient, outpatient, partial treatment, aftercare, self-help, and social support that could be utilized as part of his treatment plan.
What types of interventions do you feel are appropriate for Jared, and which theories and models support your recommendations?
Describe the strategies you would use to facilitate the interagency/interorganizational collaboration and communications that will be necessary to coordinate an interdisciplinary treatment team.
Create a list of five local community resources that Jared can utilize as part of his recovery. Describe how you will help Jared understand how these resources will be of benefit to him and how he can access these resources.
Finally, discuss the importance of family, social networks, and community resources in the treatment of Jared’s depression and alcohol abuse.

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