collect 2 3 examples of the genre you have decided to create determine if it is academic civic personal or professional writing or a combination of more than one

Project Objective: Demonstrate your understanding of genre and the DOCS-V analysis by recreating one of your earlier assignments (Literacy Narrative, Genre Analysis, Student Proposal) into a new genre that is targeted for a different audience than that of the original assignment.
Genre: You may select any genre that is discussed in How Writing Works, but it will need to fulfill the RWS305W assignment criteria. Those criteria are discussed in the Tuesday, 11/19, class lecture. They are academic, civic, personal, or professional writing.

Read HWW p 464-485. “Developing Style” and “Polishing It Up”
Study your literacy narrative, genre analysis, and student proposal to determine which assignment might be interesting to present to a different audience in a different genre.(due 11/20, 10 points)
Review How Writing Works to decide which genre might be useful in presenting theinformation of the literacy narrative, genre analysis, or student proposal to a differentaudience (possibly for a different purpose).
Collect samples of the genre you will use for your “regenring” project. (due 12/4, 10points)
Do a DOCS-V analysis of the samples you have collected to get a good idea of theexpectation of the genre.
Write an audience analysis of your new target audience. (due 12/5, 30 points)
Create your new assignment using the above information. (due 12/12, 40 points)
Write a reflection (or a defense) on why you chose this genre, the purpose of this newtext, why you think it suits your new target audience, why you made the choices you made when you determined the DOCS-V elements of your new assignment. (due 12/12, 40 points)Parameters: You may select any genre that is discussed in How Writing Works; however, the genre you select must fall into the categories of academic, civic, personal, or professional writing.Criteria: The genre information in How Writing Works will be taken into account in grading this assignment. Also, I will consider your stated audience and purpose to determine the assignment’s effectiveness.

Collect 2-3 examples of the genre you have decided to regenerate . Determine if it is academic, civic, personal, or professional writing, or a combination of more than one.
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