criminal justice please follow the instructions very careful due in 16 hours 3

the attachment are the key terms which the paper must have 75 key terms ( DO NOT USE THEM TWICE ) and the instructions and the example of how the paper should be.
Students are required to assemble a Digital Scrap Book including at least 15 different current news stories found online. The students will write a one paragraph reflection on the news story providing the general content of the article, as well as a personal reflection of the story including opinions and information related to class discussions and the text book. Students are required to categorize each article into one of four categories: 1)Policing; 2) Adjudication; 3) Corrections; or 4) Drugs and Crime. Each reflection must include at least five (5) terms found in the text book at the end of the Chapters.
Students may not re-use terms for credit!
The first section of the scrap book will fall under the header of REFLECTIONS. Each entry must be numbered (1-15), include the article title, the category (see above), and the web link to the article. Under this information the student will write a one paragraph response per requirements above. Students must submit at least two responses for each category.
The second section of the scrap book will fall under the category of REFERENCES. Each entry must be numbered (1-15) and include the article title and weblink. The student is also required to copy and paste the entire article into this section of the scrap book under the title and link.
Use of textbook terms:
Each reflection must include at least five terms from your text book listed at the end of each chapter. You cannot re-use terms for credit. This means you may use the term “parole” as you need in reflections however you can only count it once. In total – you will have 75 different terms in your reflection paper.
Terms must be “bolded” in your response
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