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Complete the following two steps:
A. On the discussion forum, please describe why it should be easy to expose the true identities of online trolls and cyberbullies. Are there any laws that provide for the public exposure of the true identities of online trolls and cyberbullies? Please cite two government statutes that allow for the exposure of the true identifies of online trolls and cyberbullies. Are these laws effective? Minimum 250 words.
Reply 1:-
Technology is paling key role that describes the place where it called as internet, hacking online trolling are increasingly more prevalent over online victims that propose the exposure of the Cyberbullies that are developed over exposing the true identities of the online network. Internet technology creates buzz for online trolling over social media sites such as Facebook (Bocij, 2014). Few government laws explain the exposure over online trolling as well as Cyberbullies. Criminal laws are exposed over to cyber-crimes which happen over the internet that describes the policies over the regulatory laws are defined over the importance of the cyber laws which are focused on the cyber-ethics. Online trolling results more problems it detects the process of the criminal activities are registered over the online activities such as cyber-crimes where it describes the online problem of the trolling activities is considered over the programs that are defined for online businesses.
Cyber-bullying results in the phases of the government statues over the laws which are provided over online. True identities are described over the online trolls & Cyberbullies here government laws are explained for all activities that are anonymously certain exceptional cause of circumstances (Vandebosch & Cleemput, 2018). Cyber-bullying results in the significantly reduced over-communicating the resources of online businesses. Every day online businesses are considered over the internet to allow online trolling over sending text messages of online trolls. Cyber-bullying uses the technology that consists of the person or advanced technology over finding the true identity of the person that describes the internet service providers over the IP address. Many kinds of online websites that are related to online activities over social media websites, where it considers the websites describe online threats. Governments statues are enforced over online trolling where it consists of Cyber bullying activities are considered for law enforcement issues over the internet activities.
Reply 2:-
Technological evolution is great over the past decade but at the same time, there has been a lot of negative effects in the world of internet through trolls and cyberbullying. Online trolls and cyberbullies are mostly on social media and mostly use comments, sexual comments and spread rumors to harass people. Most of these websites track user location and internet protocol address and hence they can be caught unless they are strong hackers who can use other IP’s to access these social media websites.
The federal laws generalize codes related to trolls and cyber-bullying. Some states went ahead and created laws that penalize students to participate in such practices and the penalties can range from school suspension to jail time. Federal laws apply based on the impact because of the trolling or cyberbullying. So, the exposure would depend on the impact of the incident and the prosecution will determine if the identities are exposed. Many organizations have also started anti-trolling and anti-bullying programs that can explain the damages to help in professional development.
The laws for false statements (18 U.S. Code § 1001) apply to the internet and the punishment is based on the amount of intent shows to create harm. Similarly, 18 U.S. Code § 1461, for sending and transmitting obscene information through mail or internet applies to troll and cyberbullying. These laws can be effective provided people know the consequences of misbehavior and I believe the session in schools regarding these can pave a way to a better future.
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