database management and analysis and design

Hello Class! Please respond to BOTH of the following questions:  75 to 150 words for Question A and the same for Question B. Question C must be two paragraphs.
Question A
The author’s approach to database design is to develop an ER model and then convert those models to relational tables.

Why do you suppose this approach is used?
What aspect of database design is generally missed in the ER Model that the conversion to relational tables addresses?

Question B
Research the concept of a “view” and share the pros and cons.

Question C
A frequently asked question is “Can structured techniques and object-oriented techniques be mixed? In other words, is it possible to do structured analysis and then object-oriented design of the application or vice versa?” In some situations, it may be possible to mix and match, such as when designing and implementing the interface using OO after completing traditional structured analysis. In two paragraphs explain.

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