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Research Question: What are the causes of conflict between immigrant parents and their children?
This week’s discussion board will focus on data. Data can be measured at different levels:A NOMINAL level of measurement is categorical data that cannot be ranked in any way. Examples: countries of origin, party affiliation.An ORDINAL level of measurement is categorical data that can be ranked in some way. Example: child, teen, adultAn INTERVAL level of measurement includes numerical data that has no true zero. Example: temperature or “on a scale of 1 to 10….”A RATIO level of measure includes numerical data that has a true zero and can be used to measure the distance from one item to the next. Example: items that use time or weight
Using the definitions above, write some research questions that pertain to your research study proposal. Imagine you are creating a questionnaire and these are questions you would ask your subjects. If you have trouble shaping the questions to your proposal, then just write a question that fulfills that level of measurement.
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