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– 2-3 pages double-spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman)– Title page is not required
– Write in complete sentences and paragraphs, like you would for an ENG 111
– Provide Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, and Discussion/Conclusion sections– The Introduction section includes information about enzymes (e.g., what are they, what do they do, etc.), a research question (descriptive or causal), hypothesis you were testing, and any other information you think is relevant background to what you did.– The Materials & Methods section includes what supplies you used to conduct your experiment, a prediction of what you think will happen, and enough of a description that someone (who wasn’t present for this lab) could recreate your experiment.– The Results section. what were your finding from the experiment– The Discussion or Conclusion section is where you wrap up the paper. Let me know if your hypothesis was supported or refuted (always helps the reader if you restate what the hypothesis was). If there were any oddball things that happened during the experiment, then report them in this section (as that may explain why you didn’t get the outcome you were expecting). Lastly, make some comment about what your results mean for us understanding enzymes in biological organisms. For example, changes in temperature, pH, etc., change enzymes’ activities…why would that be important to know (think medical or practical implications).
My Hypothesis was: If catalyze is placed in boiling temperatures, then the level of bubbles produced would be less then placed in colder temperatures.
I have attached the activity for the lab. included the results and materials used
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