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CLASS TITLE: United States History to 1877 – CLASS BOOK
Essay Assignment
Welcome to the last essay assignment Some reminders from the syllabus:
These papers are designed to be an opportunity for you to interact with the material and voice your own opinion. These are not research papers.
Answer the following question. Be sure that you include a thesis statement, evidence, and analysis.
Please review the prerequisite essay assignments for what constitutes a proper thesis, evidence, and analysis
Choose only one of the essay prompts to answer – you are submitting one essay
Choice #1 :
How/why did the North and South drift apart in the year between 1815 and 1850?
Choice #2:
Is the Civil War best understood as the war to abolish slavery? or the war to preserve the union?
For full credit your paper must:
– Be a minimum of 2.5 pages
– Double spaced, size 12 font, 1 inch margins
– Quote 2 primary source readings in your paper that utilize the in-text citation format, examples below:
“Weapons, they have none” (Christopher Columbus)
“Government of New Plymouth” (United Colonies)
If you need to cite the textbook, use in-text citations with the author’s last name and page number, example below:
“The Jamestown deathtrap” (Brinkley, 54)
– No online or outside sources are to be used in these writing assignments. Please only use the information from the textbook, videos, and source readings in assessing this question.
– Keep citations to a minimum – when using quotes, no more than 3 lines, and 4 total citations.
Essay assignments can be submitted online as a word document.
Please and Thank You
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