family engagement and the responsive educator

Answer the following questions: Read Chapter 1 Case study.
Chapter 1: Family Engagement and the Responsive Educator
1. What do you think it means to have a family-centered approach where teachers “use the strengths of parents to help educate their children”? What role do a school counselor and/or teacher play in creating a family-centered approach?
2. What demographics will be important for the teachers at Kennedy Elementary to consider in creating their district’s Family Engagement Plan?
3. What ideas might Kate take to her first meeting about ways to work effectively with the families of the English Language Learner students in the districts?
Read Chapter 2 Case Study. Chapter 2: Theories and Models for Family Engagement in Schools
1. How is the Chandler family operating as a system? What family system characteristics do you see in their situation?
2. Note the family engagement strategies that the children’s teachers and Kennedy Elementary School are implementing. According to Epstein’s model, what types of family engagement are present or absent? What strengths do you note about the teachers’ and school’s family engagement efforts? How could they be improved? How can the school counselor and teacher support each other?
3. Choose one of the theories presented in the chapter (Ecological, Family Empowerment, Social Capital, or Funds of Knowledge) and develop a list of strategies that you’d like to implement in your classroom that reflects the philosophy of that theory. Justify how your strategies are an application of the theory.
I uploaded chapter 0ne and two for reference. The case study should have all the information you need.
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