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Answer the following questions relating to Twitter (our company) vs. Facebook (competitor) – (Excel sheet Attached)
-Assess the Current Financial Status of your company
-–What’s the growth trends of sales, gross margin, operating expenses, and income?
-–What is your current cash position? is it increasing or decreasing?
-–What risks do you see based on your I/S, B/S and cash flow statement analysis?–
– Develop key financial ratios to illustrate health of company
-–Calculate key ratios for your company – minimum of 2 years of ratios
-–What key insights do these ratios provide to your team.
-–Compare your company vs. your key competitor (ex: Chipotle vs. El Pollo Loco)–
-Project Future Funding needs
-–Develop financial projections for the next 3 years based on strategic growth goals of the company
-–Determine additional funding you will need to meet growth goals
◦Project Future Funding needs
Step 1:
–Develop excel spreadsheet that includes key income statement items (Sales, COGS, gross margin, operating expenses, operating margin, and net income)
–Provide past 3 years of actual data (2015, 2016, 2017)
Step 2:
–Provide your 3 year financial projections(2018, 2019, 2020), based on the trends seen in your actual historical data
Step 3:
–Provide a revised financial projection illustrating the growth in revenue that will occur as a result of your management team’s engagement.
–Revenue increase as well as the corresponding expenses required to achieve growth goals should be shown in your revised financial projections
–Any significant capital expenditures should be noted and subtracted from net income.
Step 4:
–Develop a minimum two page ppt slide to summarize your logic – page 1: current financial status; page 2: how you will grow the business and how much it will cost
You should just fill out the Group Deliverable 3 excel file attached. Use actual financials such as 10 K for twitter and Facebook.
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