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Research paper regarding the HAZMAT aspects of the topic below. 


Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Agents and Incidents

 Research the topic for the most up-to-date information regarding the subject as it relates to HAZMAT.


The paper must contain at least three (3) Internet sources, in addition to one (1) professional journal article or resource related to the profession.


Research Paper typed in MS Word using the APA Style format, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins (top, bottom, and sides). The project must be submitted in 12pt, Times New Roman font, and with proper APA heading guidelines followed.  4 page minimum document.


Points are deducted for deficiencies noted below:

• Lack of valid in-text citations

• Reference list that does not meet APA requirements (ALL sources identified through in-text citation must also appear on the reference list)

• Lack of a valid title page

• Not using appropriate font size (12pt.), margins, double-spacing, or proper APA headings

• Lack of page header with page number

• Quality of writing

• Bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation

• Lack of originality. Points will be deducted based on the percentage of the paper that is comprised of non-original work. For example, if 20% of the paper consists of paragraphs that have been simply copied and pasted into the paper, 20 points will be deducted.

• Lack of introduction (10 points)

• Lack of conclusion (10 points)

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