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Discussion questions must have cited material. Must be 50-100 words

DQ 1
How does an understanding of management and organizational behavior lead to organizational effectiveness and efficiency? Why is the study of management theories (classical, behavioral and modern management) relevant today?
DQ 2
What are the four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today? Discuss one of the major challenges, highlighting its importance in the 21st century workplace and how it affects the behavior of people within organizations.
NOTE from professor regarding DQ 2 –Class, this is one of those DQs that will require you to use the textbook to determine what exactly the specific challenges are (according to the textbooks) before answering the question. DO NOT use other sources for this question, it is specific to the context of THIS course (and the exams ;). Remember this means you need to cite the info, don’t forget this is required for full points. Include a reference as well.
DQ 3
What are the three essential managerial skills? Explain how the importance of each skill varies across the typical levels of management in organizations.
NOTE from professor regarding DQ 3: When a DQ asks for specific information about what concepts mean, you should use cited material from the textbook(s) to explain them, rather than provide your own opinion about what these might be. Don’t get me wrong, our experience and perspective is always a valuable part of your replies, so always focus on both the academic content and your own point of view.

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