hi i have project of circuit i need a help

Hello everyone,
I have assigned a project, “Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Theorem” and you will learn how to use Multisim software to complete simulation of a DC resistive circuit with a dependent source. The dc resistive circuit is on page 4 of the project assignment document. You need to complete mesh current analysis of the circuit by hand calculations first. Find Thevenin equivalent by hand calculations.
Pages 5 and 6 of the project document show how you construct the circuit in Multisim software workspace. You will use I-V curve tracer and digital multimeter equipment modules available in Multisim software as shown in pages 5 and 6 and complete simulations. Find Thevenin equivalent voltage and resistance from simulations with Multisim.
Compare your hand calculation results with simulation results and make a brief discussion on these results.
Write a written report. Each student should submit a hard copy of typed (written) project assignment report and it is due on Monday December 3, 2018 at the beginning of class. Please submit your typed project report to class instructor.
Note that I have uploaded to Blackboard a tutorial on Multisim software approximately two weeks. Thanks.

Jeyasingh Nithianandam

i will upload a file.

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