his week you will be introduced to many new terms in the criminal justice universe security is an ever present consideration in nearly every business and activity where humans are present this week you will view the week one readings and viewings af

1. Begin your three-week project using the APA template I have provided. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TEMPLATE. If you adhere to the template you will have a properly formatted paper.
2. Complete your cover page, abstract, and running head to begin. Then complete the next three pages. This is five pages of your total grade. When you use a source from those I have provided you make sure that you properly reference the source in the reference list at the end of your paper. Reference examples should be available to you in the template I have provided.
3. Create your own security business. After you have reviewed the different readings and video you should have a good idea regarding what you find interesting. There is something for everyone in the world of security.
4. Identify different perspectives regarding how you would operate your business. You have a number of different leadership styles and examples in your course reading to get you started.
5. Finally, what I want to see is some background in the three pages that you type demonstrating your understanding of the different types of security functions and how your business will fit into the area you find most interesting.
All three pages of your writing should be double spaced with no larger than 12 point type. You may use either Times New Roman or Arial. Neither font should be bold.
Once you have completed your assignment and proofread it for errors, submit it using the following naming convention. Last Name_First Name_Assignment One. You can submit it below by using the “Browse My Computer” button.
This assignment is due on 12/21/2019
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