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1.Write down a summary of ethical process in research – what should you do to protect the participants and yourself (as a researcher) when you are dealing with adult participants? A ethical process in research deals with Developmental, Personality, Statistics, or Experimental.
2.Which part of the processes was most interesting to you? Why?
3.By getting this certificate, how did the process change your understanding of research ethics?
4.How do you feel about participating in research now compared to before this process (as a participant)?
5.How do you feel about conducting a research now compared to before this process (as a researcher)?
A.Submit the reflection and a copy of your certification (pdf) on the Blackboard by the due date.
Criteria for Success (Grading criteria):
After completing this assignment, you will have increased your understanding of research ethics and how to protect yourself as a researcher or a participant. You will be graded based on how completely you address each question.
oClarity of answers to each question
oProvide enough details/examples
oGrammar, sentence structures, etc.
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