Journal 2 – Nursing Writers Hub

For this journal assignment, write about the article you have chosen (see attach 1 text) to argue against. First of all, what is the essential information (author’s name, title, and a short summary)?
(25 points)
Secondly, why did you choose this article? What exactly are you arguing against? There are always three main points of contention you can focus on to critique a text:

the main argument or thesis
the supporting claims and reasons
the evidence used to back up these claims

(25 points)
Complete the following statements with complete ideas:
The author says:
But I say:
Next, what else bugs you about this source? Obtuse language? Too much or too little pathos?  Academic arrogance?
(25 points)
If you want the full 100 points, make sure you avoid “filling-in-the-blanks” answers and reply with full paragraphs and complete sentences.
***** Map out the basic parts of the argument of the source you have chosen. Attach it as Word document or PDF. You can use this template or make your own.
(see attach 2 ) named ( elements_of_argument_1)

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