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The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to read and consume professional/academic articles that provide you with a greater understanding of the influences on Real Estate. This assignment will also provide you with additional opportunities to practice your writing and critical thinking skills.

By completing this assignment, you will practice and demonstrate your ability to consume and interpret academic writings that relate to Real Estate.
The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in school and your professional life beyond school. In this assignment you will:

Synthesize information to develop an informed perspective and understanding.
Compose a well-organized, clear, concise, paper to demonstrate your knowledge of the topics that influence Real Estate.


This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the content knowledge in this discipline.
You should discover issues facing the field and society as a whole or in part.
You will gain knowledge and be introduced to theoretical approaches to analyzing Real Estate related problems.


Start by reviewing some of the abstracts of the articles listed in the “Articles” folder on Canvas.
Select an article that you are interested in and post the file name in the “Article” Discussion Forum. You must reserve the article. You may not use an article that has already been reserved. You may also select a different article, but must have it approved by the professor prior to starting any work. Email the article and indicate why your are interested in article in the email.
Carefully read the article. You may need to read it more than once in order to complete the assignment.

Consider the theory that the author is applying
Consider the problem that the author is trying to address
Consider the data used
How was the data collected
How was the problem/data analyzed
What are the author’s conclusions
What problems do you see in the analysis
Is there something missing
Is there additional work to be done
What questions did this raise

After carefully reading and considering the article, write a BRIEF summary of what the article is about. Cite and quote as appropriate. Provide the answers to the issues/questions listed above and any others you think are pertinent.
Provide your opinion, with facts and sources, about what you read. These opinions must be based in facts and data, not just thoughts or impressions you have. Be sure that you properly cite your sources and ensure that you have reliable sources. If you are unsure, consider viewing the library resources to help you. to an external site.


The essay must be properly sourced and professionally written.
Use Cambria 12-point font with single spacing and normal margins.
Refer to the recommended reading for assistance on how to properly format a paper. You may also seek help from the library resources.
The paper should be no more than three pages long and must contain all the necessary information and data for a reader to have a clear understanding of the article you have reviewed and clearly understand your impressions of the article.
Provide the citation at the top of the paper you submit.

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