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Business Letter


Assignment Instructions

Compose the business letter (in proper
business letter format) based on the information for the scenario noted below.
Please feel free to use business letter formats and page set ups that you view
in our readings, or ones you search for using MS Word templates. Any formal
business letter template that you find in Word or other credible format sources
is fine for this assignment.You will want a sender address (that would be you, but you can use a made up
address) and you can make a letterhead to be most complete.Remember to include a “to” or recipient address (make it up if you
need to).Subject lineand Date would also be in a business letter.You will need a salutation as well.Here are the details that the letter must include (adapted from Davis 93): You are a tax accountant for a woman named Dr. Barbara Smith. She is a
retired university professor. She recently received a letter from the IRS dated
December 2, 2012. The letter has a heading titled “Proposed Changes to
Income.” She is giving you the letter to represent her on a response to
the IRS.The following facts concern this issue and you need to incorporate them in the
letter, using the best possible order and layout, following the Six Cs of
Communication.(These facts are not listed in a particular or desired order):The IRS claims that Dr. Smith had three income payments not reported or listed
on her tax return.The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association payment she received that year
was $1,213. Of this amount, $516 was on her return on Schedule B as dividends.The College Retirement Equity Annuity payment she received of $2,656 seems to
be missing from her return.Dr. Smith has a business that includes writing.Of the Teachers Inurance Annuity Association payment, $697 of it was listed on
line 16 of the return as fully taxable pension.You want the IRS to send Dr. Smith a revised tax bill.Dr. Smith’s Social Security Number (SSN) is 123-56-9876The book royalties of $275 she earned was included in the $4,660 gross receipts
on Schedule C under Business Income.Carefully consider the way to send a letter, correcting the record and noting
what was indeed reported and any other corrections that need to be made.
Consider how to visually order and layout this information.

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