literature review critical examination and empirical perspective essay 3000 words


Assignments should be word processed: 12pt font size, with 1.5 or double line spacing; pages should be numbered, and appropriate page headers used. Harvard Reference Style.
3000 words. (+/- 10%)
Please write an essay on a selected topic or theme taken from the Syllabus / Programme Outline of Development Practice: International Contexts and Worlds of Action. Use the following guidelines for your essay.
1. Literature Review (25%): Present a literature review on the selected topic or theme by referring to the updated academic literature. You should follow the standard academic citation practice.

2. Critical Examination (25%): You need to critically examine the selected topic or theme and theories around it and present your own perspective from an academic point of view. You may highlight, discuss, generate debate and put forward your own perspective on the topic.
3. Empirical/Practical Perspective (50%): You need to discuss and relate the above review and examination in an empirical/practical context (e.g. in relation to organisation, society, practices, country, or any other context) you are familiar with. Practical examples and/or empirical perspectives on the selected topic or theme should be described and analysed in light of the presented review and examination. Please note that the empirical/practical context can be your own or, if not appropriate, it can be one that you are familiar with and whose relevant features you should specify and examine in your essay.
Sessions Themes
Session1: Governance, administration and development: theoretical contexts and practical concerns.
Session 2: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in development management: theory and practice.
Session 3: Globalization in practice: investigation of the meaning and impact of globalization in developing countries.
Session 4: Decentralisation and local development actors: Perspectives from Ghana
Session 5: Managing Social Protection in Africa
Session 6: Refugee crisis & public service delivery: lessons from Syrians in Turkey
I will provide reading lists for the sessions themes that you selected and sample essays.
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