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For this exercise, you need to identify a company/organization that does NOT currently have a mobile app. The company you select should be one with which you’re at least somewhat familiar AND one that you believe could benefit from having a mobile app. Examples could be a local restaurant that offers delivery (or call-ahead seating or carry-out ordering), a service provider that has regular contact with customers (e.g., service pro, merry maids), a small clothing retailer that receives a lot of phone calls about inventory holdings, an entertainment venue (e.g., Brewsters), a bank/credit union, or a local government entity. Before choosing a company, check the app store on your phone (or a friend’s phone) to make sure they do NOT already have an app!
To receive credit for this exercise, answer the following questions:

What company/organization did you select? Why did you select this company? Why do you think this company could benefit from creating a mobile app?
In your opinion, what functions should this app offer? What benefits/value would the app offer to customers that they can’t get (at all or as easily) on a mobile-optimized Web site?
How would you design the app? At a minimum, you should describe (or draw and include an image) of a mock-up of the home screen and identify the contents/functionality of the major elements/features of the app. (Image require)
How should the company encourage users to download and use the app? Be specific and include more than one strategy for making users aware of the app and encouraging downloads.

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