Operations Management homework help

Anxiety Disorders in the Media

Briefly describe the source/character of your example of someone exhibiting the symptoms of an Anxiety disorder. Provide the character’s name and if your example is a character from movie/TV show provide name of movie/show. Provide an active link to Youtube video, movie, TV show, news story (2 pts)
What Disorder does your character/person have? (2 pts)
Using your textbook describe the diagnostic criteria of the disorder (you need to cite textbook in the paper and on the Reference page). Using examples from the movie/TV show/article, describe the specific behaviors/symptoms the character is exhibiting which are associated with the disorder. Make sure you are providing detailed examples of each behavior, not just saying “he showed anxiety”. (8 pts)
How well do these behaviors link to the “4 D’s” of psychological abnormality? Make sure you cite the textbook for the criteria in the paper and on the reference page. (4 pts)
What model of abnormality to you think would be appropriate in treating your character? Why? (5 pts)
Citing textbook in answer in APA style and including APA reference page with textbook only

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