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Lab Report Form
Projects should be written in Microsoft Word only and submitted by email attachment from your Troy email account.
Title Page
Give your name and the number of the Project.
Give the history of both the illusion and the method of collecting data (method of limits, constant stimuli, or adjustment). If, for example, your procedure uses the Method of Adjustment to test the Muller-Lyer Illusion, describe how the method (Adjustment ), in general, works. Tell who developed the method and the illusion, when they were developed and the purpose for using the Mehtid of Adjustment. Use your textbook and Outside Articles for this.
Participants – Since you are the only participant, describe yourself in experimental terms (gender, age, if you care to, enrolled in Sensation and Perception, PSY3310 at Troy University-Montgomery) but do not give your name. Use complete sentences, not a list.
Materials – Describe the software you are using, giving the source. Use complete sentences, not a list.
Procedure – Start with a description of the purpose of what you are doing and give the exact details of the particular procedure you are doing. Give enough detail so that someone could do this exercise by following your description. Write in paragraph form with complete sentences. Do not give a list of steps. Do not tell me you turned on the computer and then clicked on the link in the course shell. Only give the procedure used to collect data.
Tell the results you got (the numbers or the outcomes), including the raw data and the statistical information produced, the difference threshold, DL. I repeat, YOU MUST GIVE ME THE RAW DATA. Be sure to give me the units in which the data was measured (percentage difference)
Tell what these results mean about your performance. What do they indicate? Use your book to help you interpret the results. Refer to the purpose of the exercise (finding your difference threshold) to help your interpret your data. What is this procedure supposed to show? I got these results, now what do they mean about my performance?
This lab experiment is a psychophysical exercise using the Muller-Lyer Illusion. Use this exercise for my lab experiment.
My textbook is Sensation & Perception. 10th ed. E. Bruce Goldstein. James R. Brockmole
Please follow ALL directions of the Lab Form to complete the assignment
Project # 1
Age: 48
enrolled in Sensation and Perception, PSY3310 at Troy University-Montgomery
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