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Hello, for this assignment I need you to write a 9-10 pages research paper based on the same ideas of my attached position paper. the ideas in the thesis statement in my position paper must be used and supported by more evidences. I already have the outline for you so follow it please and take a look at my position paper too. You can use some evidences and some ideas from my position paper. I also attached a sample research paper so that you know the style of the paper. Please read the instructions below carefully.
you must find at least two more sources beside my sources in my position paper so they are going to be at least 6 sources. Also use in text citations one per page.
Try to make the paper as it written by international student level don’t use complicated words keep it simple like my position paper please.
Directions: For this 9-10-page paper, please refer to the handouts provided and reviewed when the position paper was initially discussed.These handouts contain detailed information about the content to include in the introduction, the body, (i.e. the reasons and proofs paragraphs), the counterarguments, and the conclusion of this paper.

INTRODUCTION-2 paragraphs, includes hook

Debatable topic with thesis statement containing three key points.

A. Thesis point One-2-3 paragraphs
B. Thesis point Two-2-3 paragraphs
C. Thesis point Three-2-3 paragraphs

Counterargument One-Claim of the other side and Refutation
Counterargument Two-Claim of the other side and Refutation

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