research paper please make sure follow the instructions below i added one word document rubric detail in that contain instructions please follow that and my subject name enterprise risk management its 835 10

Students will select a topic question and write a Research paper on the topic . There must be at least 10 references to substantiate your Research paper.
Topic Questions must be from the list assigned and must address the topic fully.

This is an APA paper and must be written as such ,I will grade critically because you have had sufficient practice ,if you are unsure then you must read the APA guidelines found in the course tools .
Page Limit (10) to include Cover page ,reference page ,abstract.
Topics : Choose Only 1 topic Question
1 What limitations might an analyst encounter through the use of efficient analysis on a Military Operation who has had a history of hacking and unauthorized penetration?
2. How can computer engineers educate decision makers on the results of enterprise risk management after performing an analysis on a system that was suppose to be hack-proof and was very expensive to implement?
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