research paper project management 1

Read the mini case, Project Management at MM (pp. 324-327).
Submit a Word document with answers to questions one and three on page 327. Your answer to question one should be about one page long. Your answer to question three should be about two pages long.
Your Word document must:

Use APA level one headings to separate your answers to questions one and three.
Comply with the APA and writing standards for this course
Have three scholarly sources, not including our textbook.

Follow these SafeAssign instructions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a grade of zero.

Submit your paper to Blackboard.
If your SafeAssign score is over 25%, review your SafeAssign Originality Report to understand your score.
You can ignore headings, textbook questions, legitimate quotations with APA citations, and references that are flagged by SafeAssign.
Any other content that is flagged by SafeAssign must be rewritten by you if your SafeAssign score is over 25%.
Rewrite content, other than the items listed in #3, and resubmit your paper to Blackboard. In the assignment comments section for your last submission write something like, “I have corrected all content (excluding headings, textbook questions, legitimate quotations with APA citations, and reference) that were flagged by SafeAssign in my previous submission.” Feel free to use this exact phrase.
You are not required to get your SafeAssign score down to 25%
You are required to correct all content, not including items listed in #3, flagged by SafeAssign. Thus, you may need to go through this process multiple times.

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