review case 13 2 in ch 13 leadership ethics

Review Case 13.2 in Ch. 13, “Leadership Ethics,” of Northouse (2019).
Provide a substantive response to at least 2 of the questions presented at the end of the case (each response should be a minimum of 150 words).
Submit your response by Day 4. Also, post your response to Week 5 – Discussions > Wk 5 Discussion 1: Ethics Case Study Graded Discussion [due Mon] to complete the remainer of the assignment.
Engage in professional discussion by posting a substantive response to at least 1 separate post made by a peer. Your responses should advance the discussion using a combination of practitioner knowledge, professional experience, and informed assertions.
Note: You will be graded on the quality and depth of your original response to the discussion activity and your response to a peer. The 2 discussion contributions required for this assignment will not count toward the weekly participation requirements. However, additional substantive contributions may count toward your weekly participation.
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