review the three videos on online shopping and answer the following five questions

Firstly take time to review the three videos on online shopping and answer the following five questions.
Word Limit: 1500 – 2000 words (excluding cover page/table of contents, written assessment question, reference/bibliography, and tables, images or charts/diagrams)

Does the growth in ‘online shopping’ mean the extinction of the typical ‘high street’ store?
Examine the various models, ‘clicks’, ‘bricks’, ‘bricks & clicks’ and ‘clicks & bricks’. Which if any is the most sustainable?
We are increasingly hearing the term omni-channel retailing what does this mean and how can businesses exploit this new phenomenon?
Why are online travel services such a popular Internet application? Why do so many web sites provide free travel information?
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of distributing digitisable products electronically versus physically.

Questions should be answered based on both of the following:
 At least five relevant sources on online shopping (books, journals, conference papers, reputable websites, etc.) to enhance and develop ideas from the three videos; AND
 The three assessment videos on online shopping (please view these)
1.GfK(GFK,2015):Young Shoppers expect brick-and-click retailing

2.Has brick-and-mortar stores lost the battle against e-commerce?

3.Amazon to open its first brick-and- mortar store in New York City

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