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Is the Science part of Science-Fiction important? We will start with using Part 1 to analyze the story you read and how it relates to the world you live in. We shall also have a short Part 2 that will allow you to create synthesis through our practice-based research, namely you will write a short news article based on the story you read. Finally, your Part 3 this week will be an evaluation of how science fiction drives science to discover in reality what we created through a cultural imagination.

The reading assignments for this unit are:

ENGL 1405 Unit 4 – Synthesis through Creation.

Also, you are responsible for reading ONE of the following:

For your first Part 1, you will write about the setting of the science fiction world from the reading you chose in this week’s reading assignment. Was it believable? Can you see this happening in our future? Tell us why you think this story could happen or why you think there is no way a story like it could happen.
Please write an essay of complete and well composed paragraphs (250 word minimum for the entire essay) Be sure to use in text citation and provide references for your sources. Wikipedia is not a source.

The ability to analyze a story can be further demonstrated by creating something new. This new item found during a type of synthesis within creation. For this Part, you will take the story you read for this week and write a one paragraph news story based upon the story. Think of how a news reporter would explain those events to an audience. Focus on what you think the main facts of the story are and deliver it as a news article written by you.
Remember: You can quote dialog here, but you must create the news article using original work.
Your Part 2 was to create a news article out of the story you read. Your Part 3 will now explore the real news that came from science fiction. Using your own words, discuss any piece of technology that we have now that was seen in science fiction before it was made in real life. For example, you could discuss cell phones and Star Trek communicators.

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