smaug is a greedy and rapacious dragon frankenstein s monster is a confused

To wit: You will have 10 points for your paper

Pick a monster Dracula, Frankenstein, or Smaug (It’s a three page paper; you don’t have room for more than one.) Hint: I named the obvious monsters… I never said you couldn’t look at other monsters within these books. Frankenstein seems, to me at least, just as horrifying, if not more, in his willingness to play God than the monster he crafts. Or Van Helsing. Or Mina. Or those greedy little trolls. Etc.)
Craft me an argument that goes after ONE (or something derived from ONE) of those questions above.
Cite and quote appropriately passages that support your point AND allow you to analyze the evidence you present. (Remember: you’ve only got three pages here.)
If necessary: incorporate appropriate background material (either from the secondary readings or from your own research) that helps you establish who the readers of this time period were to better help you prove your analysis.

Whatever you chose to do: bear these tips in mind!

Solid, Topic, Problem and Thesis development are paramount in these papers. You’d be wise to make sure I think the problem/ thesis are manageable as well. Remember, the focus is on analysis! As such:
Make sure you analyze the texts at a level of formalist inquiry (don’t summarize, avoid generalization, make decisive choices of what passages/ scenes in the text(s) you look at) surrounding a solid argument. In other words, quotes are evidence, not analysis.
This is a thesis-driven essay – make sure you have a point to show us that is not merely opinion-based, that only seeks to do one thing and that gives us good reason to believe in your answer (and don’t forget that to have a thesis means that you see and identify a problem first: Answers (theses) demand stated problems or ?s).

Remember you want to move past any simple observations and opinions into a thesis-driven set of lucid remarks and observations about whatever themes, foci, paradigms, genres, characterization etc. you wanna put into play against one another. But – remember – this paper deals with your argument, not 3 pages of quotations – so be choosey in what you quote and be analytical.

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