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This writing assignment gives you the opportunity to place into practice the concepts and techniques discussed in the classroom lectures. The assignment is designed to, as much as possible; emulate tasks required of professional sociologists. The assignment asks you to interpret social situations from the sociological perspective. Assignment Directions 1. Select a form of media (film, song, tv show, or newspaper article etc.) you are interested in writing about and can relate to the sociological topics/concepts/terminology we have covered so far. 2. Write a summary (appx. ½ page) about the media chosen (film, song, or newspaper-if song attach the lyrics, if newspaper article attach the article) so that I have a clear understanding of it, and to prove that you do as well. 3. Select any FIVE of the sociological topics/concepts/terms from the semester to apply to your media. If you have something lengthy like a film, you can pick one or more scenes to prove a certain topic(s) (i.e. stereotypes, conflict theory, socialization, gender roles, cultural relativism etc.). Be specific in explaining your topics/concepts/terms, what they mean and how they apply to your form of media. the five sociological topics: race,gender or poverty, culture,education and family& marriage. 4. The paper should be approximately 2 pages in length 5. Double space, 12 font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin 6. This assignment is worth 25 points. If you complete the assignment the BEST you can, and make a true effort at it, there is NO reason you shouldn’t receive full credit.

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