SPSS: 1 way ANOVA – Nursing Writers Hub

Lecture Review:  7
Topic:  1 Way ANOVA
A local Reading rehab center is interested in determining if there are differences in pain between 4 different commonly prescribed pain medications.  Four medications are chosen.  Patients with recorded pain are randomly selected and are given ONLY one of the four drugs.  The below table is a recording from nurses who recorded their pain an hour after taking the medication.  So, 8 patients received ibuprophen, 8 different patients received diclofenac, etc.  Ignoring obvious issues of bias and confounding, the hospital would like to determine which medication is the best at alleviating pain.  We will also assume none of them have any negative side effects.

1.    Enter the dataset appropriately into SPSS.
2.    Use the 7 step process to statistically answer the hospital’s question.
3.    Provide a visual supporting your answer to present to the hospital as well.
4.    Are any assumptions violated?  Do any corrections need to be made in this scenario?  Please justify and explain with detail.


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