structural racism revision

I need help revising the attached paper to include the following components:
– The paper should begin with an introduction paragraph to provide context for the topic. The introduction includes a thesis statement that presents the main ideas included in the body paragraphs. • Each body paragraph integrates research to provide support for the main idea, and transitions to the next idea. • The paper ends with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main ideas of the paper. • The paper represents original work and correctly incorporates quotations and paraphrases from outside sources to inform the writing.
Mechanics and Style
– The proper template is used for the assignment. • Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. • In-text citations have been added to paraphrases and direct quotes. • In-text citations include the correct elements, and are properly formatted according to APA guidelines. • The title page, reference page, spacing, and font are consistent with the APA guidelines required for this assignment. • References include the correct elements and are properly formatted according to APA guidelines.
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