sustainability 8 questions – The Nursing Hub

1. Why do you think sustainability is important to Marriott? (2-3 sentences)
2. Explain Marriott’s new Sustainability and Social Impact Platform: “Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction.” Do you feel this will be an effective approach for the organization? (3-4 sentences)
3. Explain how the Marriott culture and business values reflected in their sustainability efforts? (2-3 sentences)
4. Which of the “Welcome” initiatives do you find to be the most important or most impactful and explain why you feel that way. Why do you think a “hotel company” would be concerned with these issues? (4-5 sentences).
5. Explain how Marriott has worked with suppliers to achieve their sustainability goals. (4-5 sentences).
6. Review the “Empower” initiatives and goals for the company. Which of these initiatives do you find most impressive? Did you know that Marriott was involved in these activities? Why do you think most people do not know the scope of Marriott’s work in this area? (4-5 sentences).
7. Marriott & the Environment. Discuss Marriott’s efforts in this area. Identify one environmental which you feel is most important to the hotel industry and explain why. (4-5 sentences)
8. What’s your overall opinion of Marriott’s Sustainability Efforts? (2-3 sentences)
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