Unit 6 Assessment Environmental Literacy Plan Phase Vi

  Instructions Evaluation Title: Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase VI 
Looking at the topics covered in this unit in relation to your community, research the following:
The term environmental health sounds like it is talking about the state of our biosphere when it is actually referring to the health risks to humankind from environmental factors. For example, environmental pollution and disease can be considered environmental health risks; it is through our lifestyle choices, however, that we either increase or decrease our environmental health. What risks are in your community? What risks are under your control and which aren’t? Discuss each of the hazards in your home and community (biological, chemical, and physical). What is your environmental health? What steps can you take to increase your environmental health? What foods do you choose to eat that could be an environmental health issue? Do you have organic stores in your community (such as Trader Joe’s, Fresh Thyme, or Whole Foods)? What is the difference in the produce between a big box grocery and an organic grocery store? What should you be looking for in the foods you purchase? Evaluate your workplace for environmental health. What environmental health issues are in your workplace? Does your workplace have a plan in place to avoid environmental health issues? What is in the plan? How can OSHA protect you and your co-workers?
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