visions of los angeles essay

Select one of the following texts: Real Women Have Curves (2002), Stand and Deliver (1988) The Tattooed Soldier, Devil in a Blue Dress, the novel or the film (1995) and examine one of the characters. In your analysis consider how this individual deals with the challenges in his or her life, how do issues of race, class, and gender affect the characters, and how does s/he navigate around Los Angeles (where does s/he hangout, what kind of food or music does s/he enjoy, how does s/he get around in the city, etc)? Essay should be typed, at least a 12 point font, double-spaced and three to four pages in length (at least 800 words). There is no need for a works cited section but do place your references in the text like so – (America on Film, 8). Remember if you mention films, the first time you list it, it is – Stand and Deliver (1988). If you mention it again, you need only list the title. Remember, it is an upper division college essay. Make sure your first paragraph contains your thesis/argument so it will be clear where your paper is headed. Check the rubric for other qualifications and let me know if you have any questions.
Devil in a Blue Dress – This website is really helpful when determining a character to choose from (… )
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