why there are achievement gaps between different groups of students

This assignment is a 2.5 page assignment that is based on discussing the reasons behind the existence of achievement gaps between different groups of students, and the discussion must be backed up information and evidences from the THREE READINGS attached below. Here is the exact prompt of the paper
PROMPT: “Imagine you are sitting in your favorite cafe or restaurant with three of our course authors. You have decided to meet to discuss why there are achievement gaps between different groups of students. Write a 2.5-3 page discussion (you will have to be very concise) wherein each of you (including you) discuss the reasons for achievement gaps. You must choose Ogbu (1987), Foley (2004), and Gorski as the authors sitting with you in the cafe, and use their papers to write this paper. You must put quotation marks around any direct quotes and list the page number. You must also include an APA formatted reference list after the body of the paper. The reference list is not included in your 2.5-3 pages total page count.”

To make the process easier for you, one of the readings attached below (GORSKI) I have looked into already. Gorski agues that a lot of schooling systems follow the grit and deficit ideologies (explanation of each is found in the paper), which contributes to increasing the gap of achievements between different types of students (specifically students who live in poverty and others who dont).
The other two papers I have not read, please read the papers and assume while writing my paper that those three authors are sitting with me in a coffee shop and each discussing his point of view (as shown in their paper), also, feel free to discuss my point of view (since assumingely i am sitting with the authors in the cafe and discussing with them). You can make up my point of view, HOWEVER, the three authors’ points of view HAVE to be obtained from their readings, and you can also use their readings as an inspiration for my point of view.

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