Work based Project (BS 2405)

Foundation Degree in Business and Professional Administration Work based Project (BS 2405)In-course assessment (2011/12) 1. Required The Work Based Project assignment requires each student to identify a range of possible research topics relevant to his/her workplace, and then to determine which topic will form the subject of the research proposal. You could build on the work you have already done for the research methods module (BS2404) and make use of the background and literature review sections. The submitted research proposal should have a length of 3500 words. 2. Guidance The assignment requires: A) BackgroundThe research proposal should:Clearly explain the context and rationale for the research.Have clear aims and objectives.Explain some of the practical issues which have engendered interest in the student for this research. B) Literature reviewThe research proposal should:Provide evidence of adequate theoretical literature review drawn from academic journals and sourcesIdentify a relevant theoretical basis for undertaking the intended research and present a clear justification for its applicability to the research topicPresent a conceptual framework or relevant hypothesis that synthesise your approach (these do not necessarily have to be original). C) MethodologyThe research proposal should:Identify an appropriate research methodology that is relevant for the topic and provide a rationale for the selection of this approach over others.Explain how the chosen methodology is relevant to the aims and objectives of the intended research.Explain how you intend to collect in your data (via primary and secondary data)Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of the chosen methodology. D) Research DesignThe research proposal should:Present an outline of how data is to be collected, verified and recordedExplain the sources of data, possible interviewees or targeted subpopulationsThe processes through which the data would be examined and analysedAn outline of questionnaires or interview guides that are likely to be used for collecting primary data.A timescale in the form of a Gantt chart for how the research is to be conducted over a period of timeA list of resources needed to conduct the research D) StructureThe research proposal should:Be fully and consistently referenced using the Harvard referencing system (see details on Blackboard ‘web links’ for guidance).Have correct language, grammar and spelling.Have an appropriate layout.Have adhered to word count by +/- 10%  The research proposal should have the following parts:IntroductionBackgroundLiterature reviewMethodologyResearch designConclusionsReferences               3. Marking scheme Student Name:NameMax markActual markCommentsOrganisational background• Introduction• Problem statement   15     Literature review• Theorists or concepts explained• Model or hypothesis presented• References     35   Methodology• Clear objectives• Choice of methodologies• Critical evaluation of methodologies• Limitations of methodologies     25   Research Design• Data collection• Sources of data• Data analysis• Gantt Chart  15  Clarity of• Structure / layout• Style• Presentation    10  General comments

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