write 4 page paper for enviro science

Project Paper: Students will write a term paper on the topic of their choice and present an in-depth perspective in regards to the effects on a specific environment. Criteria by which papers will be graded include (but are not limited to): Organization, Clarity, Quality of the Discussion, Conclusion, Citation/reference agreement and proper grammar and spelling. (Chapters to choose from listed below)
1. The Rock Cycle
2. Ores and Minerals
3. The Nutrient Cycle (the basics)
4. The Chemistry of Agriculture
5. The Atmosphere
6. Global Warming
7. The Chemistry of the Troposphere and Stratosphere
8. Water Resources
9. Analysis of Wastewater
10. Fossil Fuels
11. Inorganic Metals in the Environment
12. Organic Metals in the Environment
13. Insecticides, Herbicides and Insect Control
14. Asbestos
15. Disposal of Dangerous Wastes
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