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choose one of the following to write the paper on….
1. Some readers of The Metamorphosis have proposed that Gregor is actually insane and onlybelieves that he has been transformed into an insect. Evaluate this interpretation. What evidence can you find in the text to support or refute this interpretation?
2. Watch the movie The Machinist. How is the movie Kafkaesque? How does it reflect alienation, anxiety, isolation, and distortion?
3. In his own life, Kafka both resented his father’s strictness and sought his father’s approval. Kafka, who lived at home until he was 32, probably felt it was his obligation, his duty, to take care of his family. In the short fiction of The Metamorphosis, what might Kafka be trying to say about one’s duty to family? Use examples from the short story to support your argument.
4. Discuss the use of symbolism in The Metamorphosis. Choose three of the symbols that Kafka uses most effectively and write a five-paragraph essay in which you discuss how Kafka uses them to create the desired effect.
5. Imagine you have been selected as the musical director for a new screenplay of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Choose three songs for the soundtrack and support your choice by showing how they would be effective for specific scenes in the movie.

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